Pts P W D L
1.Man City 91 38 28 7 3
2.Arsenal 89 38 28 5 5
3.Liverpool 82 38 24 10 4
4.Aston Villa 68 38 20 8 10
5.Tottenham 66 38 20 6 12
6.Chelsea 63 38 18 9 11
7.Newcastle 60 38 18 6 14
8.Man Utd 60 38 18 6 14
9.West Ham 52 38 14 10 14
10.Crystal Palace 49 38 13 10 15
11.Brighton 48 38 12 12 14
12.Bournemouth 48 38 13 9 16
13.Fulham 47 38 13 8 17
14.Wolves 46 38 13 7 18
15.Everton 40 38 13 9 16
16.Brentford 39 38 10 9 19
17.Forest 32 38 9 9 20
18.Luton 26 38 6 8 24
19.Burnley 24 38 5 9 24
20.Sheffield Utd 16 38 3 7 28

Top Players

1 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Simon BanzaBraga vs Portimonense
2 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Harry KaneDortmund vs Bayern
3 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Joakim PerssonDjurgården vs Sirius
4 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Michel Ange BalikwishaRoyal Antwerp vs Genk
5 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Marcus SandbergHamKam vs Viking
6 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Thierno BalloWAC vs A. Klagenfurt
7 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Sam DalbyMansfield vs Wrexham
8 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Ertaç ÖzbirSivasspor vs Adana DS
9 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Yvon MvogoLorient vs Lens
10 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Meschack EliaWinterthur vs Young Boys
11 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Benjamin SantelliBastia vs Bordeaux
12 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Augustine BoakyeWAC vs A. Klagenfurt
13 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Sammie SzmodicsNorwich vs Blackburn
14 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Luka SučićTirol vs RB Salzburg
15 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Esteban AndradaPachuca vs Monterrey
16 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Mohamed BambaWAC vs A. Klagenfurt
17 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Joaquín VergésGualaceo vs Delfín
18 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Igor BohnPonte Preta vs Avaí
19 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Marc-André ter StegenReal Sociedad vs Barcelona
20 Mathias M'Madi Madagascar U19
Ricardo HortaBraga vs Portimonense

Watching Sports Online with Rojadirecta

Online sports streaming has exploded in popularity in recent years. One of the most well-known sports streaming sites is Rojadirecta. With Rojadirecta, you can watch live sports streams from all over the world, right from the comfort of your home. In this detailed guide, we'll look at everything you need to know to enjoy Rojadirecta for live sports streaming.

What is Rojadirecta?

Rojadirecta is a sports streaming site that offers links to live streams for sporting events. The site is focused primarily on football (soccer) but also offers streams for other sports like basketball, baseball, tennis, motorsports and more.

Rojadirecta provides links to streams hosted on other sites - it does not host the streams itself. This allows Rojadirecta to avoid the legal issues involved with directly hosting copyrighted content. The links offered by Rojadirecta are submitted by users of the site. Moderators verify that the streams work before making them publicly visible.

Some key things to know about Rojadirecta:

  • Completely free access, no registration required
  • Available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German and more
  • Streams a wide variety of global sporting events
  • Provides links to both live streams and replays/highlights
  • Accessible from any device with an internet connection and web browser

Rojadirecta has become hugely popular over the years among sports fans looking for free live sports streaming options. However, the legal status of the site remains questionable in some regions. We'll cover more on that shortly.

Where to Find Rojadirecta Streams

There are a few different domains you can use to access Rojadirecta:

  • The most updated and recommended domain currently
  • - The original Spanish site
  • - A Portuguese version
  • - A Polish version

These sites all provide the same core sports streaming links. The .me site provides the streams in English, making it the best option for most users.

To find live sports streams on Rojadirecta, just go to one of the site domains. You'll see a schedule of upcoming events and links to live streams currently available. The streams are conveniently categorized by sport and league.

There's also a search bar where you can search for a specific team, player or event. This makes it easy to find the game you want to watch.

Accessing Streams

Clicking any stream link on Rojadirecta will take you to a third-party site that is actually hosting the stream. These stream hosts change regularly as old links stop working and new ones emerge.

You may have to click through some ads or close pop-up windows on these third-party sites before you get to the actual stream player. The quality and reliability of the streams can vary significantly. Some will be in HD while others may be choppy.

Sometimes multiple stream links are provided for the same game. Testing different streams is recommended if one isn't working well or goes down during the event.

Is Rojadirecta Legal?

The legality of sports streaming sites like Rojadirecta is complicated. In many regions, Rojadirecta has faced domain seizures, ISP blocking and other restrictions due to copyright complaints. However, the site has remained stubbornly resilient by switching to new domains and finding ways around ISP blocks.

Rojadirecta itself does not host any streams - it only links to content hosted on other sites. Thispassing of responsibility has allowed Rojadirecta to argue that it does not directly engage in any copyright infringement under the law.

However, major sports leagues still view Rojadirecta as clearly facilitating unlicensed access to copyrighted content. Visitors to the site should keep in mind that accessing free live sports streams may be illegal depending on their location and the site's current legal status.

Using a VPN is recommended when accessing Rojadirecta to ensure anonymity and bypass any ISP blocking. But legality will ultimately depend on local laws and copyright protections. Proceed at your own risk.

Pros of Using Rojadirecta

Assuming it's accessible in your region, Rojadirecta offers some great benefits for sports fans:

  • Completely free access - No fees, subscriptions or sign-up required
  • Works on any device - Streams through a standard web browser
  • No ads on the site - Easy to navigate and find streams
  • High quality streams - Many streams are HD quality when available
  • Covers a wide range of sports - Not just limited to football/soccer
  • Lots of international sports - Great for following global events

For cord-cutters looking to watch sports without expensive cable packages, Rojadirecta can be a goldmine. The free access to so many global sporting events makes it extremely appealing.

Cons of Using Rojadirecta

However, there are some downsides to be aware of as well:

  • Legal uncertainty - Risk of fines or penalties depending on local laws
  • Stream reliability - Links frequently switch or stop working
  • Ad-riddled stream hosts - Annoying and explicit ads on many linked sites
  • Risk of viruses/malware - Requires caution when clicking 3rd party links
  • No customer support - Unmoderated and use at your own risk
  • Can't select stream quality - Quality varies stream to stream

The ad-filled and unreliable nature of the third-party stream sites makes for a frustrating viewing experience at times. Users also have to carefully avoid malware risks when clicking unfamiliar links. There are certainly tradeoffs for getting free access.

Safer Alternatives to Rojadirecta

If you're concerned about the legal risks or technical headaches of Rojadirecta, there are some safer sports streaming options to consider:

  • Subscribed sports services like NBA League Pass and NFL Sunday Ticket provide official streams at reasonable monthly rates. No VPN required.
  • On-demand streaming services like ESPN+ and Paramount+ offer replays, highlights and some live games.
  • Locally-approved streaming sites like Hotstar in India avoid the legal uncertainty of Rojadirecta.
  • One-off event purchases through official providers gives you access to specific games/fights legally.
  • Free trials of premium sports streaming services allow you to watch for a short time before deciding whether to subscribe.

While costlier than Rojadirecta's free streams, these alternatives provide a much better viewing experience and avoid any piracy risks. For serious sports fans, paying a reasonable fee is worth it. Casual viewers may still prefer Rojadirecta's free, albeit inconsistent, access.

5 FAQs about Rojadirecta

Here are answers to some common questions about using Rojadirecta for sports streaming:

1. Is Rojadirecta completely free to use?

Yes, Rojadirecta itself does not charge anything to visitors. You can browse for streams and access them without creating an account or paying any fees. However, the third-party sites hosting the actual streams may have ads, sign-up requirements or paid premium options.

2. What sports can I watch on Rojadirecta?

Football/soccer is the main focus, but Rojadirecta also provides streams for basketball, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, rugby, motorsports, cycling, boxing and MMA. The availability varies by season and region - football is always the priority.

3. Does Rojadirecta work on mobile devices?

Yes, Rojadirecta streams will work on any iPhone, Android phone or tablet with an internet browser. No apps are required. Bookmark the site on mobile for easy access. Keep in mind mobile streams tend to be lower quality than desktop.

4. Will I get in trouble for using Rojadirecta?

It depends on your location. In some countries, Rojadirecta has faced domain seizures and ISP blocking. Accessing unauthorized streams could potentially lead to civil or criminal penalties in certain jurisdictions. Proceed at your own risk.

5. Why do Rojadirecta links stop working during games?

Links often go down due to high traffic overwhelming the stream hosts. Moderators attempt to replace dead links with new working ones as quickly as possible. Having multiple backup links helps ensure you can keep watching without interruption.


Rojadirecta remains one of the most popular sports streaming sites thanks to its free access to live events from around the world. But the ad-filled and often unreliable streams require patience and caution to enjoy.

For the best viewing experience, sports fans are better off paying for legal streaming services when possible. But Rojadirecta fills a niche for those seeking free access to international sports matches online. Use a VPN and proceed carefully when accessing Rojadirecta or any unauthorized sports streaming website.

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